I am a guitar player, builder, and repairman. I am not a marketing or PR expert, but friends who excel in those fields suggested I personalize the website for those of you who want to know more about who is building these guitars and what qualifies me. I do business the old fashioned way, one on one.

There is not a time in my conscious memory when I wasn't fascinated by the sound and look of the guitar. Originally from Buffalo NY, I learned to play guitar at a very early age. Raised in a creative environment with family members who were and are talented carpenters and machinists, I soon began disassembling and rebuilding my instruments to see what made them tick or could make them tick better. As a teenager I became a professional musician and served apprenticeships in local repair and guitar shops honing skills and learning, always learning. From my earliest experience with vintage guitars I had a fascination with their design and peculiarities, the things that gave them such personality.

Later, I moved to Nashville Tennessee and managed Gibson USA's repair department before touring the globe with some of the top recording artists in both country and pop/rock. As a player this allowed me to evaluate the needs a musician has of their instrument in the best and worst situations. As a technician I was able to play, investigate, and have extensive hands on experience with some of the finest and rarest guitars in the world. It is this experience that I bring to my workbench when creating one of my Original Senn guitars. An instrument should move you and motivate you to play your best and, most importantly, express yourself or your art. I have been fortunate enough to build or maintain guitars for Chet Atkins, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, John Fogerty, Vince Gill, Graham Nash, Steve Wariner, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Perry, Willie Weeks and many other studio and stage greats. This exposure has taught me one major lesson...everyone's needs in an instrument are different. It is not only my goal to build the best instrument I can, but to build the best instrument for you according to your needs and preferences.

Now I'm beginning to ramble and feel like I'm bragging. Those who know me know I can ramble, especially about guitars, but bragging is not my style. I play and build guitars because I love it. I still get the same thrill playing a D chord on a great sounding instrument as I did when I was a kid and it's this joy and inspiration that I hope to bring to you with my Original Senn instruments.

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