About Jeff


I’ve spent my entire life infatuated with the guitar, both as an instrument and as an objet d’art. I started playing at a very young age and even before that I was mesmerized and moved by the sounds and emotions that this thing “of wood and wire” could create.


Almost as soon as I began playing I also began dis-assembling and (sometimes) re-assembling the instrument as a self guided expedition into the inner workings of what made these things tick. With the guidance of a father who was a machinist and wood worker and later, in my teenage years, the patient tutorage of master bass and guitar builder Joe Zon, I gained an understanding of how one could use their hands and tools to craft an actual instrument.


Armed with this knowledge and quest to create something unique and distinct I ventured out into the world, and what a trip it’s been!

I now create guitars that reflect what I feel are the best qualities of classic, vintage designs as well as new, unique and inspired visions. Over the next few years my goal is to create more “one-off” builds that will be completely driven my my ideas and creativity. I will only build one of each of these guitars. This will allow me to pursue each project with a fresh, inventive perspective and also provide a player or collector with a truly individual guitar.

It’s been over 35 years since I began this journey of guitar repair, restoration and building. Every bit of this experience, combined with some intuition goes into every Original Senn guitar I build and every instrument I design. I hope you have the opportunity to play one of my creations and it’s my sincerest hope that it puts a smile on your face and gives you the same joy that it has provided me with, all these years.


Jeff Senn